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  4. Lewis Carlisle

    Alright lads and Ladies. My name is Lewis. I am a Hard-core role-player that has been in the genre for years veering from: Apocalyptic Role-play, Altis Life, Modded Life, and a series of Arma 2 life servers in the past. I am a friendly guy and I can get along with anyone. I like to have banter so if I say something out of line please let me know. Well thats mae I guess - Lewis Carlisle
  5. Donn Wilson

  6. Mxchaz741

    hahahaha what drugs you doing ? I WANT IN
  7. Mxchaz741

    Female Characters

  8. Mxchaz741

    Female Characters

  9. Mxchaz741

    Testing furniture system

  10. Mxchaz741

    Testing furniture system

  11. Jordan Hollywood

    @Lewis Davies On the first two questions I don't have an answer on them but on the question about playing in the faction, you applied for. I think to 90% that where ever you applied you will be able to play otherwise it won't make sense. That's how I see it.
  12. Lewis Davies

    @Donn Wilson and what happend to that 1 also is it just gonna be the map different ? Can people who apllyd for cops be cops ?
  13. Donn Wilson

    That’s right and there was one mid last year
  14. Mike Baker

    How "soon" I heard a temp server mid last year or something .-.
  15. Tino Wellington

  16. Donn Wilson

    There will be a temporary server soon whilst the map is in development if you want further updates join ts.uklifemod.com
  17. Josh Bishop

    Important news! for those who do not know Chaz has started developing a temporary server which we can play on while we wait for the main map to be completed which should be released soon This means we will have something to play in the mean time while we wait! just thought i would update for all who do not know
  18. Josh Bishop

    +1 great guy
  19. Jordan Hollywood

    The map is still in Development which is taking some time I believe.
  20. Mike Baker

    I heard that late 2017.
  21. Hamish

    Hey my name is Hamish and i am a hardcore role-player and i am searching for the right role-playing environment i hope i will see you in the new server in the near future.
  22. Tino Wellington

    All I can say is its coming soon
  23. Josh Bishop

    Please can we have some info ? anything at all would be appreciated
  24. Greg Clark

    Im guessing it's dead tbh. I gave up 6 months ago.
  25. Brandon Pigeon

    Yes I would agree we need updates
  26. Jack D

    Hey every 1 hows 2019 doing for you
  27. Mike Baker

    whys it taking so long, whats going on? is uklm even a thing anymore? We need updates..
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