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    New form submission from {form_name} Character Name: Jaimie Lukrus Arma 3 UID: 76561198253875704 Age: 08/27/03 Why are you interested in becoming a Member of Parliament? (150 World Minimum): My character in roleplay has finished college Politics along with sociology and philosophy, he had no money to go to Uni but he had hope that he can get into the parliament without the specific course. I am also interested in joining the parliament as someone has to make decisions for the poor of London and making sure people get enough funding to start a life in the city, I also want to present a Character that believes he can make a change at his young age, Jaimie will be a good man that can make the right choice but everyone makes mistakes. I would like to become a member of a parliament as it helps your public opinion (based on the effects on different groups of people) and it can make a man go from being unknown person to an inspiration, Jaimie believes in the rights of younger men and believes that anyone can have a valid point of view, no matter the race, age and gender. What makes you think that you have what it takes to become a Member of Parliament? (100 Word Minimum): I believe I have what it takes by being able to hold normal discussions with no shouts etc. and being able to respect the other point of view no matter what the topic of the discussion is, I can evaluate an argument and provide a solid anti argument to oppose the oppositions point of view and change their opinion, I am also a man that listens to others, a skill that a lot of people require, this skill in my opinion is crucial as it means you can listen to others requires and troubles with the way the society works, listening to all the communities around London and knowing the best decisions from understanding of their cultures and religions. Do you understand the works of the Parliament?: Yes How long have you been a member of the community? (2 Weeks Minimum): Nearly a week What timezone are you in?: GMT Have you read and understood the community rules?: Yes