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  1. James Withers

    We Have been playing on Hell Let Loose if anyone wants to jump on that with us at any point just jump in teamspeak
  2. James Withers

    Honestly shocked that someone's not yet put a recommendation for barbie girl lol
  3. James Withers

    We need to make a good intro video for the server:)
  4. Currently Working on some SOP's for the Met Police things like a standardised training procedure for all instructors and a ticket guide sheet for officers to have a idea of ticket charges. 

    if anyone has ideas that could be beneficial to the force please drop me a message and I will be more than happy to hear your ideas. 



  5. James Withers

    The mold just adds character to the place Hahaha
  6. Hello my name is James Withers and I am one of the Senior Staff Members here at UKLM if you have any questions regarding UKLM or if you need any help please don't hesitate to message me via the forums or in private message on teamspeak 3. 


  7. James Withers

    Many thanks buddy :)
  8. James Withers

    Hello Everyone!! Just wanted to write up a little message saying hello... Hello!! want to say a massive thank you for the promotion I want everyone to know that if you have any issues or questions don't hesitate to drop me a message via the forums or on teamspeak i'll be more than happy to help you with whatever it may be and if I can't help at the time i'll find someone who can! if you're new to the server drop in on teamspeak and come say hi!