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Tino Wellington

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  1. Tino Wellington

  2. Tino Wellington

    All I can say is its coming soon
  3. Tino Wellington

    Already subbed bro
  4. Tino Wellington

    Games I like: ArmA 3 Elder Scrolls Online Mafia 2 - 3 Grand Theft Auto 5 Robocraft Call of Duty: Series < All Line of Sight Assassins creed Runescape War thunder League of Legends PUBG Rules of Surival DayZ Rainbow Six Seige CSGO
  5. Tino Wellington

    Great frags man, Enjoyed the video a lot.
  6. Tino Wellington

  7. Tino Wellington

    Nah bruh, is all about 67 United Kingdom, London - Live corn - 67 UK, London - fryin - 67, UK, London - All around the world - Mura Masa / 67
  8. Tino Wellington

    Ey, whats up bois. Nice to meet you. My real name is Daj'an and I live in London UK. I live in quite a rough area and lots of crimes I am into football and smoking weed. I play a lot of games and go to gym < Sometimes. I am 20 years old and black. Being a young black male in london is kinda hard due to that fact of being the "Main" target for police, due to all the gun crime and drug crime but yeah. London is quite a nice place to live if you go to the right parts, and some of our attractions are amazing. I am joining this community because I honestly like how it looks and speaking to staff the server seems really well developed and I cant wait to play and roleplay with you guys. if you have any questions or would like to get to know me better you can find me on the teamspeak, or you can send me a message via forums Great to meet you all and thanks for reading
  9. Tino Wellington

    Im sorry but the first mug looks the best