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  1. Jack Mondome

    @John Spencer I am still flying the Ikarus C42 (G-DASS at EGNW) I plan on to move on to the Cessna C172 in the future but for now i'll continue to build more hours on the C42
  2. Jack Mondome

    I do plan to do aviation things. I posted this a year ago. During that year I've achieved my pilots licence. I am fully certified pilot now :D
  3. Jack Mondome

    All of them
  4. Jack Mondome

    Today i had a flight lesson and i was able to record and take pictures. Before you say, no i wasn't recording my instructor did. Bit turbulent weather in UK this morning but it was great, this lesson i had to go through G-Force training..... I dont mind Possessive Gs but oh my, negative Gs i hate. Im still light headed and i still feel sick BUT i have to get used to it Im still currently in progress of getting a Private Pilots License and it'll take a while. I have been signed off from doing GCSEs because i got too anxious. In Flight Video: Aircraft Type: Ikarus C42 (Microlight)
  5. Jack Mondome

    List of my favorite artists from different countries Country - Favorite song - Artist Bulgaria - Beautiful Mess - Kristian Kostov Ukraine - I believe in U - Jamala Albania - World - Lindita Hungary - Origo - Joci Papai F.Y.R Macedonia - Dance Alone - Jana Burcheska Norway - Bae/Gaeaern - Marcus & Martinus Portugal - Amar Pelos Dois - Salvador Sobral Moldova - Hey Mamma - Sunstroke Project Sweden - Heros - Mans Zerlmerlow Cyprus - Gravity - Hovig America - Kill our way to heaven - MICHL UK - Lay me down - Sam Smith Jamaica - Beggin' - Madcon Australia - The Greatest - Sia India - Bad Karma - Alex Thesleff Germany - Ghost - Jamie Lee Spain - Say yay! - Barei France - J'ai Cherche - Amir Belgium - Whats the pressure - Laura Tesoro Italy - No degree of separation - Francesca Michielin Russia - You are the only one - Sergey Lazarev Malta - Walk on water - Ira Losco Latvia - Heartbeat - Justs Sirmais Brazil - Fun - Pitbul