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  2. Wes Martinez

    Developing Team We welcome Gazz to our developing team, who joins Mxchaz and Nils with their skills in creating some really unique mods for the server. The team are working on bringing within the next couple of months a map that mirrors the city of London. We aim to show the very best in every aspect of this map from buildings to everyday vehicles. Server Release We have launched our new playable server. There are a large number of bugs present in the server currently, further development is in the process. Server Restructure Over the following months, we aim to restructure the staff team. We will also be looking at improving the player interaction within the server. Community Rebuild At this stage in development, we aim to rejuvenate our playerbase by bringing both new and old members into our community. Server meetings will be held, allowing players to express how they feel about both the community and server as a whole. Map and Models Currently, we are improving on our base map design (The London Map) with steady progress. Furthermore, an increased amount of assets are to be bought into be placed amongst the map. We are working around the clock to provide new and interesting content for the UKLM community to enjoy. Framework The framework will also be reworked to bring a fresh feel amongst the community. Using the input from our community meetings, we will be able to provide assets and content suggested to further help the UK life mod to bounce back. Server Review After we complete all previous targets, we as a staff team, will have a review of the server. This will include function testing and how player interactivity will be improved upon. To follow up from this, we will conduct a staff review to check how well we work as a team and support the community. Required Server Mods https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1974594177 installing TFR: Task Force Arrowhead Radio Teamspeak: ts.uklifemod.com Arma3Sync : Staff Recruitment We are currently actively looking for mature and active members of this community who are interested in joining the staff team. Current vacancies: Developers Senior Staff Team General Staff Team
  3. Gazz

  4. James Cole

    Cool thanks! been busy so only just thought to check on this
  5. Wes Martinez

    Welcome! If you haven't done so already fill in a civilian application. Once accepted you can apply for police or NHS.
  6. Damo1985

    Hi all, Hope you're all keeping well. Looking for a good RP and being from and working in London. This seems idle. Would love to join the police force or NHS. Especially with Covid-19 hanging around. Never played ARMA 3 or Life.
  7. Mxchaz741

    All done fella sorry about the late response.
  8. James Cole

    Hi, Not herd anything back in a few days... is this server live or still being setup or just not very active?
  9. James Cole

    Can I change my name to - James Cole, please?
  10. Mxchaz741

    What would you like your new name to be ?
  11. Hi looking to join up... went to make a civi character and it's saying I need to have my forum name the same as my TS/stream/character name... how do I change my forum name?
  12. You do not have permission to use our assets. EDIT: I am locking this thread.
  13. Mxchaz741


  14. Furbzeyyy - Creative Director - Videographer/Photographer About me: I am the creative director of a massive arma 3 project. (Project name: ARMA 3 - On The Trail) - (COOP 4 20+ Missions) (3 new PVP RPR Game modes) (enhanced AI & mods included, e.g melee combat) I am literally looking to use a lot of your guys content (civilians, cops, cars, the houses of parliament) (with interiors) in a snippet in my announcement trailer? Looking for permission? is that ok? Regards, Furbzeyyy YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @furbzeyyy @furbzeyyygaming Steam group: Arma 3 - On The Trail
  15. James Withers

    We Have been playing on Hell Let Loose if anyone wants to jump on that with us at any point just jump in teamspeak
  16. James Withers

    Honestly shocked that someone's not yet put a recommendation for barbie girl lol
  17. James Withers

    We need to make a good intro video for the server:)
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