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  3. Donn Wilson

  4. Donn Wilson

    Well I mean aren't you anzus staff @Jason Bourne and hows it going over there?
  5. Donn Wilson

  6. Wes Stoner

    Very funny
  7. sparklekitten

    Good to see you getting that map placement done. Good luck with it and if you need anything dont hesitate to ask me guys. Lots of love Sparklekitten.
  8. Mxchaz741

    Bad Boys !


  9. Wes Stoner

  10. Mxchaz741


  11. Mxchaz741


  12. Mxchaz741


  13. Marco

    i found the video, it's not something too much since my footage wasn't actually mine and couldn't edit it like i wanted to. Though, i'd like to make a in-game trailer when the server comes out, if everyone's ok with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVZx0lCEvCM
  14. Marco

    Hello y'all, im Marco, some of you may not remember me since i wasn't round here in the last year, but i joined a while back, heck, i remember i did some kind of mini-trailer video for UKLM back in 2017. But yeah, i had a lot of exams and not only, im glad that the server it's still in development and not closed over time like many roleplay communities do out there.
  15. Marco

    Holy Smokes, this video is still here, oh my god.
  16. Desmond Smith

    Absolutely. I'm loving the hoard mode, get like 3 friends and buy toolbox asap, build the spike walls and turrets, so good!
  17. Wes Stoner

    Welcome! If you haven't done so yet and want to join the server in the future you need to submit a civilian application.
  18. Jason Bourneo

    Hey there guys I am Jason Bourneo and I am a modded arma 3 roleplayer. I took a break from pc gaming about 4 months ago but I have recently got a new pc and fourms profile so I’m back.
  19. Jason Bourneo

    Welcome pala Bala
  20. Wes Stoner

    Welcome Pala, your welcome to into teamspeak we do play other games whilst the server is in development.
  21. Pala Bala

    ALooooo, Pala her. Looking for friends and people to play with when the server go online. Comment steam username and we can play arma Nice to be in a new community, hope its a lot of good people her.
  22. Donn Wilson

  23. Wes Stoner

    My new favourite game! Anyone else play?
  24. Wes Stoner

    Welcome bro!
  25. Wes Stoner

    Vin Jay- Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist
  26. Tom Ford

    You never messaged me that you was here, we knew you was coming but an eta would have been nice or a phone call to let use know. some people ey
  27. Bailey Prizraki

    I've asked ford to come and fix my boiler but he hasn't come down
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