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Civilian Application

New form submission has been received. View form Civillian Applications.

Name: PrestigeYT
Form: Civillian Applications

Your Name: Jacob Lord
Age: 16
Arma 3 UID: 76561198085361814
Character Backstory (200 words minimum): Mr.Lord was born on the island of Altis, by his mother and father. His father was a Captain in the Altis Military and was deployed to Stratis. He was killed in Stratis 3 years after Mr.Lord was born. His mother and him wanted to start a new life at Lakeside Valley. They moved to Lakeside when he was 5, and his mother met a man name Mr.Frump. He owned Frump Real Estate. His father gave him a small loan of 0,000 to kick start his business. His business took off and he made over 500 million within 10 years. 1 decade later, he made over ,000,000,000. He was speeding down a road in a small town and hit a lamp pole and was killed instantly. His mother gained the money from her husband and was a billionaire. By the time Mr.Lord grew up, his mom was scammed out of all the money. His mom later killed herself and he was devestated. He was 17, almost 18 and was sent into a foster home. 1 month later he was released and sent out onto the streets. He was homless for one month before he met a man called Mr.Alphonsus Jr. He saw him on the stresst, and recognized him from the foster home. He went over and talked to him. He ended up taking him back to his apartment and let him stay there until he found a job. He ended up finding a decent paying job at a car dealership. Within 2 years, he worked his way up to CEO, and took over the business. He is now living the lavish life style in Lakeside Valley, drving fancy cars, living in a beautiful home, and a beautiful wife and 2 kids. Then another devestating event happened. Again, bankrupt. His wife left him with the kids and 25% of his money and he never heard from here again. He is now starting his life over, living in a apartment and working at a fast food place, on Fishers Island.
Have you read & understood the community rules ?: Yes
Have you ever been banned from any servers (be honest, we will check!): Ye
Why do you want to Join Uk Life Mod: Cause its cool and original
Was you referred by a friend ?: Yes, chaz

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