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  1. Civilian Application

    New form submission has been received. View form Civillian Applications. Name: Cmd Keller Form: Civillian Applications Your Name: James Watt Age: 16 Arma 3 UID: 76561198086825737 Character Backstory (200 words minimum): James Watt started in south London, of which he despised. This is down to the fact that he never fitted in. James would skip school and would come home late as he did not want to be near people. It got to the point when James's parents took him to a psychiatrist. The meds made things worse. The only thing that was running g in the back of his head was the idea of running and never looking back, to start a new life. From then on his child hood was at an end. During his last years as a young teenager James started to get into the wrong crowds and do stuff he will some come to regret. At this point he was making friends in a local gang, doing drugs and stealing. Things started to look up in his eyes as he was being accepted and was getting along with other people. This all came to an end when a deal went wrong. The actions that took place in that event was not heard of as all James could remember was the cold side-walk as he laid beat up and blood on the road. Entering adult hood James started to see the world in a different way. He no longer looked at the bad and wanted to return into crime our darkness. From his experience all he got was a goal. This goal was to make sure no one had to go through what he did. AT this point he had no family nor friends. He got back on his two feet and stated his life with a long goal to join the police force to stop the type of people that took him down the wrong path, but his main goal was to do what is right and give to those who are vulnerable and desperate. Have you read & understood the community rules ?: Yes I have Have you ever been banned from any servers (be honest, we will check!): No Why do you want to Join Uk Life Mod: I would like to join this as I believe it to be a new and unique type of role-play. Alongside this I have always wanted to live in london and I live in the United Kingdom. I want to join this life mod not just for the mod itself, but to join a new community and make new friends. Was you referred by a friend ?: No