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Jared Capolupo

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  1. Civilian Application

    New form submission has been received. View form Civillian Applications. Name: Jared Capolupo Form: Civillian Applications Your Name: Jared Capolupo Age: 17 Arma 3 UID: 76561198125859336 Character Backstory (200 words minimum): *Slowly makes his way into the travel agents office, sits down and places a medium size dark brown briefcase with Leather trimmings on the table* " Good morning James." " Nice to see you again Jared, what can we do for you today." " Well as you know for a long time I have been wanting to move to the UK, but due to new foreign policy it takes a long time and extensive background checks" " Oh yes we are more then aware, what I will do know is hand you this form, please fill it out and return it to me ASAP" " Alright no problem, now as for the background check I have brought some information from my state directory and if you care to listen I will explain a little about my past life" " Alright Jared, I will read over this as you speak" * Description section of the paper reads, Black Hair, brown eyes 6 foot 1, and medium build* " Well James as you know I was born on October 29, 1992 in the United states, to a large Italian family. As a young boy I enjoyed playing with JI-Joes, and riding dirt bikes as well as playing large amounts of GrandTheftAuto. I had a semi normal life with small abnormalities like every other famliy. I enjoyed helping people, at the age of 17 I Joined my local Volunteer fire department against my mothers wishes. The fire department was great and I made many new friends and got to meet many new people. Throughout my fire department carer I learned many things that made me the man I am today. At the age of 18 I enlisted into the US army as Infantry, I served in the 82ND Airborne and was deployed to Afghanistan. I was awarded a purple heart and small awards for combat situations. After returning home I attempted to move to the UK but was denied to do new foreign policy." " Alright Jared that sounded very nice and I will be sending over all your paperwork to the costumes service and will contact you when we get a response" * Jared Stands up shakes James hand and returns to his car * Have you read & understood the community rules ?: Yes I have Have you ever been banned from any servers (be honest, we will check!): 1 BlackCat Gaming, Banned for calling the owners Nazis ( Allowed a gang called the 4 Reich to play ) Why do you want to Join Uk Life Mod: I'm tired of plain old Arma 3 Life severs and looking for a new adventure for my character as well as myself Was you referred by a friend ?: Kinda Im Friends with Morpheus